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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the new Awal Press, with a history of 50 successful years of printing in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In 1958, Bahraini businessmen Ahmed Mohammed Juman and Mohammed Yousif Jalal partnered together along with the late Yousif Ahmed Shirawi to establish one of the first printing presses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a vision to deliver high-quality visual products to the growing printing and publishing industry in Bahrain, the founders embarked on a journey which has culminated in a 50-year gradual transformation of tastes and expectations of the clients.

Today, Awal Press is led by the sons of the two founding partners, who continue to fulfill the vision of their fathers, while crafting new products based on the world’s leading industry technologies.

Awal Press promise of acquiring and adopting new technologies in every facet of our business has driven our growth. Our unique market positioning is built upon our ability to offer first-to-market and, in many cases, exclusive technologies to our esteemed clients. Built upon a strong founding vision, Awal Press has grown into a global standard printing company, whose development over the past 50 years heralds a future promising continued success and innovation.

In an industry where color, content, texture and visual appeal continue to become increasingly important to users, innovation as – demonstrated not only through technology but also through artistic creativity – will distinguish vision from reality. With Awal Press’ long-standing tradition of quality control, attention to details and appreciation of beauty, we have established a track record of many successes.

With over five decades of such success, we are excited to embark upon the journey to our centennial anniversary-meeting the challenges of new technological solutions, building on the creativities of our professional team, and delivering finished products that add a vision of color to your world.


Khalid Ahmed Juman
Managing Director      


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